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Image of The MEGAPACK!

I see you lurking in the digital shadows of The Internet. Now's the time to get down from that lovely fence you've been sitting on and sample my wares.

This is as cheap as it's going to get folks!

This pack includes a copy of each:

Boxes 2 (24 pages, full colour)
Boxes 3 (24 pages, full colour)
Boxes 4 (24 pages, full colour)
Smedley (60 pages, black and white)
Not Your Cuppa Tea (16 pages, full colour)

That's 148 pages of comics - a lotta bang for your buck.

So don't dilly-dally, and give me your money, pal...ly.

Shipping within the UK is £2.00 Anywhere else will be depressingly expensive, but if you're super keen still, message and I'll get a quote to you.